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Brian Mickelson Marathon

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Mesa,AZ,united states

Member Since:

Aug 18, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

(2009) London't Run 10K - 51:59 :o)

(2009) "Ostrich Festival" - 5K (25:21) Another PR! :o)

(2010) "Ostrich Festival" - 5K (28:54)

(2010) "Fight for Life" - 5K (26:49) 2nd for Age Division!

(2010) "Women's Half Marathon" - (2:16:40)

(2010) "Shun the Sun" - 10K (58:19)

(2010) "Mesa Mi Amigos Turkey Trot" - 10K (57:45)

(2010) "12 K's of Christmas" - 12K (1:14:13)

(2011) "Sedona Marathon" - FULL Marathon  (5:21:58)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Run a half marathon  (October 2008)

Run a sub 27:00 5K (November 2008)

Run a Sub 2:00:00 1/2 Marathon

Run a marathon 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Live a long, heathly life but more importantly, teach my family how to live healthy.


I am a lucky lady.  I'm married to the best husband ever, and we have 3 beautiful kids (ages 4, 2, and "new here").   


Favorite Blogs:

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Weight: 124.30
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

So, I'm having a hard time figuring out when to squeeze runs in during the week this week.  I have a little girl with a double ear infection, 2 doctor's appointments, a husband working late, and 3 very young children...  so, my miles may not look like those of someone that is running in a marathon in less than 3 weeks...  but it's the best I can do.  Next there is a season for everything.... maybe next marathon I'll be better trained.

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We went on a family "bike ride" (Brandon rode a bike pulling the girls, I ran pushing the little mister).  It's 5 miles shorter than my mid week run is suppose to be this week, but I went.  And I got family time while I was doing it.  double BONUS!

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Highlights of my run:

  • The 40+ year old *sitting* on his skateboard, going down a hill, while talking on the phone (so happy I saw him in time, that could have been bad). 
  • The bird that landed on a cactus that literally blended in.  If I hadn't seen it land, I wouldn't have even known that was a bird.
  • seeing and waving to Harvey again (see last Saturday's run)

Not so "good times":

  • rolling my ankle/foot at mile 3.  (It still irritates me, and it a little bruised, but not swollen.)
  • All the bicyclists on the road weren't the friendlist.  They typically are.  I figure it's due to the bike race this weekend.  But still. 

2 weeks left.

Weight: 124.60
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So, I haven't ran since Saturday because my ankle has been hurting me.  But today I decided it was time to get out there again.  It was a good run with the whole family (Brandon and the girls biking, Oliver and I on foot).  I'm already mentally planning my next training plans for my next marathon.  I haven't picked the race, but I have a desire to do better.

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It's probably not good if your husband kicks you out of the house to go running because you are too cranky. hmm... talk about getting an additude adjustment. ha ha!  Well, it worked.  I got out of the house for about an hour, and the run helped my mood.

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brrr...  baby it's cold outside!  I love the change in weather!  1 week until my marathon.  Any last advice for the crazy girl that is running it?

Weight: 123.60
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Race: Brian Mickelson Marathon (26.2 Miles) 05:25:58, Place overall: 37, Place in age division: 2
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

This past weekend was the Brian Mickelson Marathon in Cottonwood, Arizona. I picked this marathon out about a month before I had Oliver as one I wanted to try to train for. So, I had Oliver, and after waiting the 6 weeks (okay, I lie, I started running at 5 weeks post-Oliver), I started training. I followed a training plan I found online and decided that once I get up to the larger runs I would decide if I could handle an actual marathon or not.
About a month ago, I decided I was all in. I registered and reserved a hotel.
A few days prior to the race, I received an informational email regarding the upcoming race. In in, it said: "This year is the inaugural marathon event and we have nearly 50 registered to take on the 26.2 miles!" *Nearly*? In my vocabulary, that means "less than". When I ran the Sedona Marathon last year, there were between 100-200 runners, and I remember thinking that was small. 50 is tiny. So, I decided to try not to think about the size.
Saturday morning, we got up bright and early (thanks to Oliver, who saved the day by waking us up at 5 o'clock when we slept through the 4 o'clock alarm), and headed to the start. It was a little chilly at the beginning, but felt nice.
I was happy to find out that one of my runners was an engineering friend, Ox. He was running his first marathon and had his dad (who happens to be our pediatrician) was there to support him. It was fun seeing a friendly face in the race (even if I only saw his face for a few minutes and then he was off ahead of me).
I had a plan for this race. My plan was to run a lot slower at the beginning so that I could keep a steady pace for the entire race. My goal was to run in less than 5 hours, so my goal pace was 10:45 min/ miles. That is a lot slower than my training runs, so I thought it would be doable. I borrowed a friend's garmin (Thank you Lybi) and kept track.
The first 17 miles were super easy and flew by. Ironically, that's were all the hard climbs were. But I had my family as a cheer team every once in a while, and my music was keeping me excited and jamming. After mile 4, I really didn't see anyone until mile 9 (when the people that were faster than me were coming back from the long 6.75 mile there and back segment). Really, the only people I saw were the ad station workers and my cute family.

At mile 18, I realized I passed a porta-potty, but by time I made that realization, I was going down hill and didn't want to go back up. I didn't really *need* to use it, so I thought I'd use the next one. Ha Ha!!! What next one? I started asking ad workers at mile 19 if they knew where the next restroom would be. All I got was blank stares and "I don't know". At mile 22, I was directed by the ad station to go off course a quarter mile (half mile round trip) to use an outhouse. I did as he directed, but after getting of the restroom, I was momentarily lost. They only markings on this race were little pink flags and pink painted arrows on the ground. And have I mentioned that there are no other runners around? yikes!
Thankfully, I found the trail, but unfortunately, after that, I lost my momentum. I still was able to run, and made it past the mile marker 23. Until this point, I had kept my goal pace, and was on track to make my goal of running the whole marathon in less than 5 hours. Then something happened... I got so sick. Can we say DeHyDrAtIoN?!?! It was 95 degrees in Cottonwood on Saturday. So, even though I had been drinking and re-fueling like a crazy girl the entire race, it still happened. There really wasn't anything I think I could have done differently. I had turned onto a dirt trail around mile 18.5 and never saw the family on the course again. I decided I was determined to finish, so started walking (though dizzily). I tried calling the family after I passed mile 24 to see if that would encourage me (my music stopped working, stinkin' ear phones), but I didn't get through to them. Before I got to mile 25, I was on another dirt trail and got the feeling I should sit down. I sat. Then I got a feeling I should lay... then a strong feeling came over me that perhaps laying would be a bad idea because no one would ever find me. (Have I mentioned that I hadn't seen any runners in a LONG LONG time). I got back up and kept going. I passed mile 25 and was on the main road again. I started speed walking. I passed mile 26... I started jogging... I ran through the finish.
Did I make my goal of finishing in less than 5 hours? Heck no! (My official time was 5:25:58). Did I finish? Heck yes! And I happy with it. Yes. (Though I will admit to mixed feelings at first, but I have gone over it again and again in my head, and I don't think I could have changed my approach at all to prevent my dehydration).
So, how am I feeling now, 2 days later... just fine! I'm already planning my next marathon. I'm thinking Phoenix Marathon, March 2, 2013 (and probably one or 2 others early next year) Until then, I'm thinking it's time to take on some half marathons! But believe me, I'm definitely not running another long race in 90+ weather any time soon. Yikes!
Random question... turns out that there was only 2 people in my age group, so technically I took second. If you were me, would you ask for your reward? I didn't stay for the ceremony because I had to hurry back, shower and feed Mr. Oliver. I didn't realize I had "placed" until just now looking at the results.

Weight: 123.00
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This is my first post marathon run and if felt great.  I was pretty speedy too... which also felt nice.  I had a dream last night that I was training for a tri.  I mentioned the idea to my husband this morning, who lovingly gave me a look that I can only interpret as "sure, I'll start planning your funeral now, but I would prefer to grow old with you".  hmm...  I'll keep thinking about it.

Weight: 126.00
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Race: Ka-Pow Superhero Adventure Race (1 Miles) 00:20:00
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Saturday, the Town of Gilbert sponsored the Ka-PoW Superhero Adventure Race at Freestone Park! Holy Guacamole Batman! Was it Fun!
I found some costumes for the girls through friends and family, got myself a Superman shirt, Brandon a Captain America shirt, and Oliver something in red, white and blue. After dressing everyone up, we headed in the car to the park. The girls had NO idea what we had planned, they just knew it involved costumes, and costumes are always good!
When we got there, and got Melanie and myself registered, we started having fun. Grandma Traci came to watch the event and got this great picture of the whole super family!
Then the girls bounced in the bounce houses! Eventually it was time for some running. First up: Noelle in the Flash Dash.
She went over!
She went across!
And She went through!
I'm so proud of her! She did a great job!
Then we went over to the start of the "big race". We got there just in time. Melanie has the cutest, silliest little run you have ever seen. I just love it. It has character!
There were several obstacles on our 1 mile "Wolverine Run". Here was the line up of the obstacles Melanie and I encountered:
Superman's Tower (a large superman bounce house complete with it's own obstacles inside and a slide to get out)
Wonder Woman's Wall ( a 6 foot tall wall, that we went under instead of over... because we are small super heroes. We may not be able to fly, but we can blast through walls, right?)
Wolverine Wash (shown in the below picture).
The Aquaman Slide (a huge slip and slide down the side of one of the hills at Freestone Park).
Spiderman's Web Crawl (a rope web that we had to crawl under to "escape")
Captain America Tunnels (long tunnels made of large plastic pipe)
Back through the Wolverine Wash...
Over the He-Man Mountain (a large pyramid haystack)
and through the Finish Line!
We Made it!
I'm so proud of Melanie. 1 mile is really really far for someone so small. She started strong, got tired and thirsty right off. Walked, Ran super fast, walked, Ran even faster, rinse and repeat. She was cracking me up. She'd stop running, and tell me she was tired, so I would tell her we can walk. Walking is okay. She'd take a few steps and then say "okay, let's run!" At one point, she asked me if we could lay in the grass for a while. I had to tell her no. I had a flash back of my marathon, and my desire to lay down. I told her we can always walk. 5 seconds later she saw the gigantic slip and slide and was off running again. I'm so impressed by her. She did the whole thing and was ready to bounce in the bounce house as soon as she was done.
Since it was a Superhero Adventure Race, there was a booth devoted to the up and coming comic book convention. The people manning that booth were definitely acting the part. We couldn't pass up a photo op. Not pictured are Batman and Batgirl. I'm not sure were they went off to, but I'm really pretty happy with the picture I got. Tell me this isn't awesome!
Way to go Noelle and Melanie! Both of you ran your first races and did an amazing job! Mommy is SO proud of you!!!

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Weight: 124.30
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