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January 2009

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South Jordan,UT,United States

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Feb 09, 2009



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Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

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Today was day one of my.....retraining ha, I haven't ran since november so I knew this would be hard, I wasn't even sure how far I would go. Luckily I have someone to train with me (John Coles).  Woke up this morning pretty anxious this morning then looked outside :( After a little self argument on whether to run or not, there was a little rain and looked very cold, we decided to run. John is in much better shape than I am hopefully I didn't slow him down too much. I was actually a little surprised at how I did, don't get me wrong it was super slow but...suprising.  Ended up running 6.3 miles, mile splits were as follow; 7:09, 7:01, 6:42, 9:02, 7:45, 7:26, 2:29 for an overall time of 47:34 which is a 7:33 mile pace average. Our fourth mile was pretty slow because I had to ask John to slow down and we had a hill during this mile. No excuse just saying ha. Then later tonight went to the gym with my cousin to lift (Chest, Triceps, Abs)- I have been lifting with him for about a month now every monday wednesday and friday. I think this will definitetly help in the long run. Theres no pun there either ha. After lifting we did a little cardio cool down, I just ran how I felt for 10mins and got a 1.33 miles, after I felt really good, haven't felt like this at all after lifting, I really believe its because I started running this morning, Oh I also threw the challenge down to my bro who is a frosh at Bingham and running some awesome times, he is in much better shape than I am, but i think I can take him at the SLC 5k in May before I leave on my mish!

From Ruthie on Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 12:22:21

I didn't know you had a blog! Cool stuff!

From Burt on Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 14:22:21

Maybe you'll get sent to Spain like me, where you can't drive a car or ride a bike. You have to walk everywhere. Could help to keep you in shape. Good luck!

From Chandis on Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 19:02:33

Hey thanks for the blog comment! :) Do I know you from somewhere?

From the Beast on Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 18:19:56

Hey Andrew! I'm doing pretty good except for the no Dixie college Cross Country next year. That kind of bummmed me out. And Justin doen't have a blog.

From ChrisBarney1000 on Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 19:47:37

Andrew Unker!! hellooooooooooo. Thats sweet that you ran for DSC bro! Its good to here that your still running man, and with the infamous PANTS... i, i mean John Coles(hes not at dixie though is he? just hooked up?) Good luck running bro, ill check your blog for updates. I dont have my own but my team and my coach, James Barnes have them, so im on here all the time.

From aunker on Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 15:08:35

he was going to but ended up not going down, whats your teams blog name, um chris you need to get facebook!!! cmon man look me up haha

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Yes yes, ill take some crap for this, but yesterdays running in the rain/snow was not good, cuz now i have a bad cold :( blah :p

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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance


Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

this is ridiculous

From Chandis on Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 11:46:58

Oh dang sorry you've been sick.. But thats cool that you run for Coach Decker.. I trained with him for the Wasatch Back Relay.. He is a awesome guy and a great runner!

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woo hoo my first run back. Official! I ran once as you know but then got sick :( I doing a lot better now. So im counting today as my first official run back. I just barely got back. I was planning on doing 20mins easy but i ended up getting a little too far, so instead did 24:35 for 3.37 miles. Its not bad and right now i really don't care I just know this sucks cuz i am butt slow now and wish i hadn't stopped running! Average pace is 7:17 and my miles were as follows; 7:55, 8:16, 5:47 ha, and the last .37miles in 2:36 (which is 6:59 mile pace) way consistent there right?! Oh well, it just felt amazing to run again! I just ran around the neighborhoods next to mine, mild hills not too bad. Wasn't too cold, although im going to try to force myself to run in the mornings. My mission call should be here next week! Last night my friend read his to Bilbao, Spain! Kinda ironic but everyone bet on where he would go I guessed Barcelona, Spain and won twenty bucks yay!

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Gym- (shoulders & legs) Didn't feel like running today so i biked 7.5 miles in a little under 22mins, it felt good. Hopefully the weather warms up tomorrow and i can go for a longer run?!

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I started with a half mile warm up just around. It was freezing by the way! I ran 3 miles in 23mins flat. A little under seven min mile average not bad. I know my first mile was 8mins flat then the next two were faster but dont have the splits on those.

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I went on a run with one of my old high school teammates, Quinton Peterson. We just talked the whole time and went on a fun run kinda. I am sooooo out of shape :( but we got 4.02 miles in 34:47 which is an 8:39 pace pretty slow. I was dying and I think he was too. Miles were 7:38, 8:23, 9:06, 8:55, and the last little bit in 45secs.

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Pretty tired from yesterday, this is my first back to back days in 4 months!!!!! So yes I suck. The weather is really warming up though which should make it easier to make myself run. I ran by myself, I just went out for an easy 20 mins but ended up getting back to my house in 19:20 for a total of 2.72 miles. Average pace of 7:07. My miles were 6:57, 7:21, and the last .72 in 5:01 which is 6:58 pace. Really tight, felt good to come back and stretch it all out. Been emailing back and forth with the BYUHawaii Coach and the Lewis Clark State College Coach about running for them when I get back from my mission. Oh yeah Ive been called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission! I leave to the MTC July 1st!! Dixie State College cut there mens and womens cross country teams due to "budget cuts" so now I don't have a team to come back to when I get back in two years. Right now Im really considering Lewis Clark, very strong team and awesome coach.... but we'll see????

From jun on Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 15:51:45 from

Congrats on the mission call. That will be awesome. And way to push yourself to get out today.

From Ruthie on Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 18:01:38 from

Argentina - sounds awesome! You should come up to USU after the mission - it is the best ever. I promise. :)

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