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Provo River 1/2 Marathon

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May 31, 2007



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Running Accomplishments:

Marathon Top 10 Finishes: 7 Bridges ('15), Utah Valley ('13), Salt Lake City ('08), Top of Utah ('07), and St. Louis ('04). Ran around the equator (24901.55) in 4,388 days.

Personal Records
Marathon 2:39 (SLC '08)
1/2 Marathon 1:12.30 (Provo River, aided '08)
10K 34:16 (Track, sea level '00)
10K 33:15 (Des 10K, aided '08)
8K 25:32 (Crack of Dawn, aided '13)
5K 16:44 (Track, sea level '00)
5K 16:07 (Running of the Leopards, aided '12)

Short-Term Running Goals:

NYC Marathon November 3, 2019 done 

London Marathon October 3, 2021 done

Tokyo Marathon 202#???...

And my largest challenge to date, raise $20,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my cancer survivorship and in memory of those lost to blood cancer...
DONE! $26,403.70


Long-Term Running Goals:

Enjoy being a Masters Runner.

Get under 3 hours one more time...


Grew up outside Chicago and joined the blog while I lived in Salt Lake City. Now living outside Birmingham. I am married with two daughters. Wife thinks I'm crazy for doing marathons. And yes I am crazy I'm a scientist for a living...

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 101.25 Year: 982.04
RM 090416 Lifetime Miles: 136.06
Saucony Type A Lifetime Miles: 200.18
Nike Vaporfly Pink Lifetime Miles: 105.22
Saucony Rides Blue A #34 Lifetime Miles: 214.97
Saucony Rides Blue B #35 Lifetime Miles: 216.19
Saucony Rides Blue C #36 Lifetime Miles: 217.57
Brooks Launch Black #34 Lifetime Miles: 247.00
Brooks Launch Gray #36 Lifetime Miles: 216.24
Brooks Launch Grey #37 Lifetime Miles: 218.00
Race: Provo River 1/2 Marathon (13.17 Miles) 01:12:30, Place overall: 4
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

RACE DAY-Provo 1/2:

Today was one of my 4 biggies for the year. After SLC, I decided to focus on breaking my 10K, ½, and marathon PRs. To do this I was focused on Des 10K, Provo 1/2, and St. George. Des 10K went well and today went even better. First off, my mom asked that for her birthday I run a race “for her”. So a couple weeks ago I told her this would be the race. This helped give some extra push.

I was antsy leading up to this one. Yesterday I couldn’t focus in work at all, the good thing was I had worked my tail off the rest of the week that Friday was a down day anyway. Then I tried to get to sleep early. Managed to get to sleep about 9:30, then I woke up ½ hour before my alarm at 3am. Couldn’t get back to sleep and just decided to get going. I was on the second bus up the canyon and at the top I was initially convinced that we were not at the correct place. I could only see one Port’O John and nothing in the way of a start line. But then ran into James, it started getting light and we saw more bathrooms and finally calmed that we were in the right place.

Looking around at the start I ran into a group of bloggers I did not know but said hi. There are many friendly faces out there now and I wish I would make more time to visit additional blogs… Then I saw Dave H. and we did a warm-up toward the ranch above the start. On the way out there was a guy with two dogs sitting at the gate keeping people out and I briefly had a flash back to the junk yard scene in the movie Stand by Me. But no Chomper was set on Dave and I. By the time we got back to the start Chad, Steve C, Tom, Michelle L. and to my surprise Walter was there. There was also Sasha and Jeff Mc to round out the bloggers I was expecting to see. Josse pulled up toward the gun on one of the last buses. Anyway on to this race.

I put forth a very ambitious goal of 1:13. However, considering my Des 10K and SLC performances I thought that this was ambitious but not totally unrealistic. Knowing that Chad has run in this time range before and that Steve C just has some crazy foot speed my plan was to try and work off of the two of them as best I could. This year I actually was at the start when the gun went off and we were down the hill. For those of you who do not know, this is a crazy fast downhill course.

The first mile Jeff, Dave, and Sasha were the lead pack with Steve inbetween and some other random runner then the rest of the bloggers named above. I figured I would never see the front three again. I missed a lot of my splits as I didn’t want to get intimidated and just go by feel.

a = ascent d = descent

Mile 1: 5:16 (a-39ft, d-274ft)

I was feeling good with the effort and running along with Chad and the others.

Mile 2: 5:18 (a-59ft, d-219ft)

I actually already started to “feel it” here and was worried about things to come. Also, random runner was driving me crazy with his inability to pace. He was in front then behind then all over. Chad started to move forward and I went with him to put this guy behind. Also, somewhere in this next mile Steve came back to us and we kept rolling.

Mile 3: 5:22 (a-116ft, d-181ft)

Not really looking at my Garmin but feeling it in my legs. Pretty concerned at this point that I still had 10 miles to go. Also, somewhere in here and onto the turn onto the highway Chad started to pull away and I just didn’t respond.

Mile 4: 5:10 (a-72ft, d-243ft)

I took my first Gu at this point and that helped turn it around. My legs were still aching but I could tell the difference in fuel reserve. During the next two miles we started to have some up and I started to feel like I could run with Chad again. Also, now on the road I knew the course again after having run it with Michelle and Matt from this point last weekend. This actually helped a lot as I was ready for the hill.

Mile 5:5:20 (a-110ft, d-73ft)

Mile 6: 5:41 (a-234ft, d-216ft)

Turning into Nunn’s Park I could see Sasha. I was very surprised by this but considering he had just raced a marathon a couple weeks ago I figured something was up. But it did make my mouth water and helped me push a little. Also, cresting the hill and getting onto the trail was nice.

Mile 7: 5:09 (a-150ft, d-319ft). I actually got this split and was ecstatic!

Around a corner onto the trial I came upon Sasha at the tail end of a VPB (no pun intended) and really felt that he was obtainable. However, I was really starting to feel it and just kept telling myself to make it to 10-miles and then we’d worry about the rest of the race.

Mile 8: 5:33 (a-74ft, d-127ft)

The trail was a little busy with bikes and runners but that actually helped me some because they were welcome distractions from the pain building in my legs. Took my second Gu. The next three miles were entirely survival mode. I kept thinking two things, keep going and keep the pace below St. George goal pace. If you can’t do it for 10 miles you won’t do it for 26!

Mile 9: 5:41 (a-112ft, d-203ft)

Mile 10: 5:39 (a-129ft, d-187ft)

Mile 11: 5:39 (a-134ft, d-138ft)

Looking back on these three splits I’m happy to see my survival pace on relatively neutral miles is 5:40. At this point we got back onto the roads and had tons of turns. Also, I could smell blood but I could also smell the wolves. The blood was both mine but Sasha was tantalizingly close. I looked back at one of the turns and saw Chad on my heels and knew he had to be thinking the same thing about me. My legs were so spent and I swear they were wobbling with each step. This is where the race being my mom’s birthday present comes into play. I just kept telling myself that I couldn’t give up now I’d pushed too hard. Also, looking at my split at 10-miles I knew I just had to stay sub-6 to make by time goal. It was very hard though. The turns and the fatigue were really playing on me. That and Sasha was staying the same distance or gapping me.

Mile 12: 5:54 (a-95ft, d-158ft)

This last mile I was having flash backs from the year before. Chad and I were in the exact opposite positions and there were some weird turns before you could see the finish. I actually started yelling out to myself to keep my legs moving and not let the goal time slip away from me so close to the finish. Also, with Chad right on my heels I was having flashbacks of Des 10K…

Mile 13: 5:47 (a-203ft, d-154ft)

At this point I knew I had the time and when I saw the clock I went crazy in my head (it was a minute slow) but in any case I knew I was going to smash my PR and hit my goal. I let loose and hit my final 0.17 in :56 or 5:22 pace (a-50ft, d-43ft).

In the end I did a cool down with Steve C and Chad, then soaked in the river for 15 minutes before heading home. FRB had a great showing wining both men’s and women’s races and sweeping the top 7 places in the men’s race. Plus looking over the race report page it looks like many other bloggers had great days.

Overall, I could not have asked for more from this race. I was very happy with both my time and placement. 1:12.30 and 4th overall The effort felt like I was racing but not that I was going to die. For the first time 2:30 really feels obtainable. I still have some work to do but I can taste it. I’m very happy to have had such strong support from the blog. It is great that there are so many people at comparable ability to work off of. It really helps and today being between Sasha and Chad really helped pull, push, and keep me moving. In the end this demolished by previous ½ PR set in ’06 at the SL half in 1:15.14 so a 2 min and 44 sec PR!!! Mom I hope that qualifies as a good b-day present. Thanks everyone and I’m looking forward to my next race. Afterwards I went home and crashed for 2 hrs then did errands all afternoon and now I’m in lab waiting for an incubation to wrap up. My legs feel surprisingly good but we’ll see tomorrow.

Asics DS-Trainer #2: 371 / / Asics DS-Trainer #3: 42 / / Saucony Rides #1: 434 / / Saucony Rides #2: 432 // Saucony Rides #3: 51 // Adidas Adistar (flats): 205

Night Sleep Time: 5.50Nap Time: 2.00Total Sleep Time: 7.50Weight: 0.00
From dave holt on Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 23:51:10

Way to go Adam! Very happy for you (and your mom). Good running with you again. See you at SGM.

From wheakory on Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 23:56:53

You rocked it Adam! Nice job and way to do a big PR. This should really give you confidence for the Marathon. I'm very impressed and your focus is right where it needs to be to finish the year off the way you want.

I'm glad you did a nice race for your mom. That had to be special and give you great motivation. I'll I can say is WOW!

From MichelleL on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 00:35:37

Great job on your race and beating your dream goal of 1:13! I think the course preview last week was really helpful for both of us. Is your next race a SL half?

From Burt on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 01:09:09

Way to make your mother proud.

From josse on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 01:13:55

Great job, you did smashing today!! It is going to be so much fun to see everyone race at SG at take those top spots and get prs and all that fun stuff. Good to race for something so important.

From Chad on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 01:14:55

You didn't tell me you had the extra motivation of your mom's birthday. That's practically the same as loading up on EPO! Good job.

From Jon on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 01:21:12

Huge PR! Nice job. I can't believe you didn't catch Sasha when you had the chance, though ;) Though you better look out cause it sounds like Chad and Walter are gunning for you, now.

2:30, here we come!

From jtshad on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 08:53:50

Wow is all I have to say! Congrats on running such a gutsy race for a great PR. You are doing great and will excel at St. George.

From Phoenix on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 11:04:43

Adam, nice race and congatulations on the PR.

From Adam RW on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 14:17:34

Thanks everyone. It was a great race. I really ran out of my head yesterday and I'm happy that I finally broke down some long standing barriers. I just wish I knew how I did it. I was telling Chad and Steve that I think this is the first time that I've ever been on the money side of a goal. All too often if I say I want 2:45 I run 2:45.10 or if I say I want 33:00 I run 33:16. It was great to see that 12 yesterday. To everyone, thanks for all your kinds words and support.

From AdamsMom on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 17:22:06

Thank you dear. You are amazing as always. Beating your 1:13 was a fantastic birthday present! I only wish that I could have actually seen the race instead of cheering you on virtually. I can't wait for October.

Aunt Paula's birthday is Oct 1 and Shannon's is Oct 8 maybe that can help give you a double boost for St George!

Love you!

From RivertonPaul on Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:51:50

Congrats and very nice report.

From Superfly on Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 15:30:26

Great job Adam. I wish I could have come up and just watched all you guys run so well. Keep up the good work. STGM is going to be awesome. We are all going to hammer out our goals (2:30 for you will happen) and then party like there's no tomorrow. O.k maybe not that hard but it will feel amazing.

Keep it up buddy!

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