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June 22, 2024

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Apr 15, 2007



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Running Accomplishments:

3:25:46 Marathon (Seattle '07)

1:36:56 Half Marathon (Whidbey '07)

1:34:30 Half Marathon - in race (Seattle '07)

53:02 12k (Rhody Run '07)

6:55 pace 14.52/185 mi relay (Northwest Passage '08)

Short-Term Running Goals:


June 1: 163  157!

June 8: 161  156

June 15: 159  156

June 22: 157  153

June 29: 155

July 6: 153

July 13: 151

July 20: 149  August 1: 149.6!


Oct 26: Cape Cod Marathon 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Emulate my stepfather -- still running at 87!


I know a secret technique for opening mangos taught me by a Wolof sorcerer. I was briefly a political appointee at the U.N. I am intimately familiar with a disciple of David Hume.

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Mizuno Elixir Lifetime Miles: 128.80
NB 890v2 Lifetime Miles: 106.80
Kinvara 2 Black Lifetime Miles: 328.45
Merrell Sonic Glove Lifetime Miles: 9.90
Kinvara 3 Red Lifetime Miles: 83.10
Kinvara 3 Blue Lifetime Miles: 99.25
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On October 26, I will be running the Cape Cod Marathon as a benefit for the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. 

GCMHP was founded by the late Dr. Eyad R. Sarraj, a psychiatrist and human rights campaigner who was an inspiration to advocates of nonviolent activism around the world. The organization provides mental health services to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and works to secure a Palestinian society that respects human rights and in which people are able to live in freedom and with dignity.

More information about GCMHP is available here. Dr. Sarraj is beautifully remembered herehere and here (by his son).

This benefit is "pay for performance" - the faster I run, the more money I raise. Every sponsor should choose a mile along the 26.2-mile-long marathon course (Mile One, Mile Five, Mile Sixteen and so on). Notify me of your selection by facebook or email (ashakow[at] Also tell me how many times my speed in MPH you want to give. For example, if I run Mile 12 at an average speed of nine mph, someone sponsoring Mile 12 at 3x would donate $27. 

As soon as they they have written me, I will record all donors in the table below on this page. Those who wish to remain anonymous should tell me so explicitly and will be listed as "Donor One," "Donor Two," and so on.

After the race I will report in the table below on this page how fast I ran each mile. Sponsors should then submit a donation for the appropriate amount to the Gaza Mental Health Foundation.

I have set up a credit card donation page through CrowdRise, or you can simply send a personal check or money order to the Gaza Mental Health Foundation, PO Box 380273, Cambridge, MA 02238, attention Hilary Rantisi. Check donations should specify GCMHP as the recipient in the "note" line.   The CrowdRise method does involve transaction/credit card fees amounting to $4.25 on a $50 donation, so if you would prefer that all of your donation benefit children and parents in Gaza, the check option may be desirable. All donations are tax-deductible by either method.

My objective is to run the entire marathon in 3 hours 10 minutes, an average speed of about 8.2 mph. My speed for any individual mile, however, will obviously vary according to the terrain and how late it is in the race, so there is some strategy involved in the choice of which mile to sponsor. For folks who like to play the horses, you can read a description of the marathon course here.

To follow the progress of my training between now and October 26, see daily updates to this blog here. Those who would like to request an annual report or other financial information from the Gaza Mental Health Foundation should write directly to Ms. Rantisi (hilary_rantisi[at]

Mile Sponsor(s) Result (MPH)
1 Gal Kober (5x) 6.78
2 Carol Shakow (11x) 6.81
3 Donor 1 (12x) 6.78
4 Catherine Womack (4x) 6.83
5 Hege Finholt (4x) 6.94
6 Joe Logan/Helen Southcott (7x) 6.9
7 Donor 3 6.92
8   6.86
9 Ian Blaustein (5x) 6.82
10   7.09
11   6.84
12   6.94
13   5.86
14   6.88
15 Bryce Butler (8x) 6.38
16 Margaret Cohen Miller (9x) 5.65
17 Donor 2 (6x) 5.01
18 Heidi Clark  (5x) 6.13
19 Dana Sajdi (6x) 5.34
20 Eli Morris (10x) 4.21
21 Daria Roithmayr (6x) 5.09
22 Anna Rosenbaum (7x) 3.65
23 Ilham Makdisi (13x) 3.75
24 Rachel Nugent (13x) 3.69
25 David Channer (13x) 4.51
26 Robin McDuff (10x) 4.25
26.2 Enid Eckstein (10x) 5

Weight: 0.00Calories: 0.00
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