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Aug 02, 1999



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Running Accomplishments:

I ran the Top of Utah Marathon in 4:43 after having my third child the year before. 5 K in 24:19, 10 K in 53 minutes pregnant. Survived personal training from my lovable but slightly overbearing husband Sasha for more than 8 years!!

Short-Term Running Goals:

Break 23:45 in the 5k.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay thin and full of energy.

Not be an embarassment to my family full of world class athletes.


Madly in love with Sasha. We have been married since 1996 and have been blessed with seven of the most adorable and talented children : Benjamin, Jennifer, Julia, and Joseph, Jacob, William and Stephen.

All of our children have run in at least one race, including Jacob and William who did it inside the womb. I enjoy various non-running activities such as: baking, sewing, playing organ, piano and flute, painting, and playing with our  vivacious children.

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My REAL time was more like 51:18 but I had a little problem at the end of my run.

If you don't like potty humor don't read this but this is what happened.  I was about 3 mins away from the house in running time when ,.whoa..I had to go. This kind of thing almost never happens to almost 15 years of running I have very few memories.  I actually said a small prayer that I would make it home because there was no privacy for me anywhere and it was going to be a seriously huge mess to clean up..sorry...but it is true.  So I decided to walk and that made it a little bit easier but it took every bit of my mental will power to force myself to wait until I got home.  On the hill going up I saw three old ladies in my neighborhood coming down. I caught part of their conversation and I kid you not this is what one cute little old lady said, ..."and it stops diarrhea immediately..." then they went on to talk about other things.  Was that an answer to my prayer to help me "stop" it from coming and make it home..I don't know but I did think it was a pretty funny coincidence. 

I did make it home and felt sorry for my hubby who deals with issues like that on almost a daily basis...

Food intake:

Breafast: same..oats, pb, carob powder, agave milk

Lunch: steamed potatoes, brocolli, with pesto, ketchup, feta cheese and veganaise

Dinner: 4 pieces french toast on whole wheat with pure maple syrup

Snack: 2 pieces fresh strawberry pie with a generous dollop of homemade whipping cream.

I was tempted to eat another piece but I didn't.  :) Fresh strawberry pie is a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring. My kids and I just LOVE making it together.  :) :)


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41 ish..can't remember

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I hate that slow mile fast mile thing at the top...mostly because I NEVER get to put in any fast miles.  Just kidding..sasha honey if you are reading this. I know why it's there but darn I wish I could put that all my miles running pregnant are fast because running for 2 is hard. 

So only 3 today because I'm trying to be conservative to recover from a cold I starting getting last week but was able to stop in it's tracs with rest and wonders for me..but only if I rest also.  Time was stining fast for me pregnant and that crazy steep hill at the end: 30:59

Food intake today not awesome because my daughters made cookies AND super delicious cinnamon rolls today.  I only had half a cookie but I had like 5 cinnamon rolls over the day.  They were yummy.

Brk:pb oats, 2% milk carob powder and agave

lunch: turkey, cheese sand on whole wheat

dinner: beans and rice cafe rio style with cilantro lime vinegrette, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, avocaos...1 largish serving of this...

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So I am pregnant again with our ninth child.  My brain can wrap around the number 9 for a lot of things...9 hours of sleep sounds good.  9 days of family vacation. 9 pancaes covered with butter and syrup.  9 children does not produce the same feeling..more'm really excited to meet this baby but I better not think about the fact that this is number's just a lot of kids.  Although I met a guy last week with 13 that said we were still single with only 9! 

I want to start blogging my diet to help myself watch my calorie intake and hopefully not overeat.  When I'm pregnant I need to eat a lot and sometimes go overboard.


Sunday breakfast: bowl oats, milk,agave, carob powder

lunch: 5 small pieces chicken on a bed of lettuce. 3 pieces apple

snack: 3 whole wheat waffles with pure maple syupr and a little butter

dinner: I was hungry I truly wasn't overeateing because I was still hungry after I finished....growth spurt..I"m watching for when I am not still hungry but keep eating anyway just because I like the taste.  10 pieces homemade pizza ..that's a new record. :)

bedtime snack: an orange and 1 slice apple with peanut butter

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