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Week starting Apr 18, 2010

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5k  18:44  4 July 2012 C-ville 
10K  38:22  24 July 2012 DesNews
Half  1:22:30  18 Aug 2012  Hobble 
Full  3:00:35  29 Sep 2012 Huntsville

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Keep on running. 


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10 laps around the jr high.  The kids came for frisbee.  What a perfect night.  My legs felt fine for Sun and Mon, but when I started running, they weren't so great.  I had a hard time with this workout.  Luckily the little ones spelled me off for a couple laps, wanting to do their running.

It was kind of like the Simon and Garfunkel song, "Feeling Groovy" except lousy. 

Omni #2 Miles: 6.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Work was pretty quiet today, so I left early enough to fit in a run before choir.  Except I only had shoes in my car.  So I went to DI and bought this really cool Pokemon shirt for participants in the 2005 World Championships.  The shorts were another matter.  I ended up with a too-big swimsuit.  When I pulled it on, there was no drawstring.  So I had to pull my shoelace out of my other shoes so my pants wouldn't fall down.  Thus clothed, I ran 4 laps around Liberty Park.  They have a soft bark running path.  It was windy, and by far the hottest run of the year.  Afterward, I had Little Ceasars Pizza for dinner, and made it just in time for choir, only a little sweaty.  The run took 42 or 44 minutes.  I had my ipod, but I can't remember the start time.  I also don't know if those laps are really 1.5 miles, but that's what 2 different people told me.

Omni 7 #1 Miles: 6.00
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Ah, running in the rain.  I donned my garbage bag poncho, and headed out in the deluge.  What a great time to run.  I never had to stop and drink, because salty water kept running into my mouth.  Nobody could tell that snot was running down my face.  The sweat could all be dismissed as precipitation.  Evaporative cooling came easily.  I felt better than I have the last couple days, and pushed nominally the whole time.  The first half of this route is hilly--good for intervals.  I didn't step into a big puddle till I was 50 yards from home.  Now my right shoe is soaked.

Omni #2 Miles: 6.40
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

I need to switch to the fancier blog. l am no longer satisfied with trying to classify miles as either fast or slow.  Maybe I should reject this distinction, and simply list miles, in a non-scalar sort of way.  I wonder if Sasha has that option...

So, we went to see HMS Pinafore at the local community theater. They really brought in some big guns, because this production was fantastic.  I was beaming the whole time.  Live performances (unless they are junior high concerts) are always enjoyable, but this was top-drawer.  I like G&S, so it was fun to hear the whole thing.  I think I'll go again on Saturday, and definitely will be seeking out a recording.  After that, I still had to go get in my 6.  So I did.   Overall pace was 7:30, my goal marathon pace.

Omni #2 Miles: 6.00
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5.5 hours of lawnmowing must count for something.  Put me down for 6 miles.

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I ran from home to BST, over to Farmington Canyon, and back on Main Street up to 13.1 miles.  Then I walked to Fresh Market to cool down, and had Tam come pick me up.  I felt tired.  The trail miles were pretty slow, around 9 minute pace.  Overall time for the run was 1:48, so overall pace was 8:15.  Hmm.  That's not so bad.  The weather was perfect, and the view of the valley from the bench is definitely becoming more becoming.  Trees are leafing out all over, and there was this little purple flower groundcover all along the trail.  There's more to them hills than meets they eye. 

Following the run, I went and did some fertilizing and aerating, for a core and upper-body workout.  Thanks, Gus!

Omni #2 Miles: 13.10
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Omni #2 Miles: 31.50Omni 7 #1 Miles: 6.00
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