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So far the Fast Running Blog has already helped a number of runners significantly improve their times. Clyde progressed from 2:58 to 2:36 in 9 months winning the prize of the first finisher from the St. George area in the St. George marathon, and Zach improved his 3:52 pre Fast Running Blog PR to 3:15 reaching his goal to qualify for Boston. We have seen a number of other PRs and Boston Qualifiers in the short history of the Fast Running Blog. The success achieved so far shows the great potential of this site.

To help the Fast Running Blog grow and improve, I decided to set up the Fast Running Blog Fund. The money raised through donations and advertising revenues will be used in the following ways:

  • To improve the software behind the Fast Running Blog. What we have so far is what I've been able to sneak out and code up in between working to provide for my family, spending time with them, and training. Having some funding will help me spend more time on it myself, and sub-contract certain parts to other programmers when I think it would be helpful.
  • To sponsor developing runners. There is a wealth of running talent coming out of our colleges, as well as those who never got to run in college for one reason or another. Unfortunately, the pressures of life make many of those runners either quit the sport altogether, or not train very seriously. Thus a great wealth of potential is wasted. Once the Fast Running Blog starts generating sufficient flows of revenue, I plan to create scholarships for developing runners. The basic requirements will be a committment to do what it takes to succeed, a certain amount of success already accomplished, and daily blogging of the current training, as well as frequent visits to the blogs of other runners to help them grow. A scholarship recipient will be asked to make a documented progress towards excellence in his own running efforts, as well as helping others achieve the same.

Currently, there are three sources of revenue for the Fast Running Blog Fund:

So far since the beginning of October 2006, the Fast Running Blog Fund has received a total of $415 in donations. The following donors agreed to be named: Chad Derum , Steve Hooper , John Kissane, Clyde Behunin/F1 Property Management, Nick Miller, Maria Imas, and Clay Simmons/Simmons Insurance . A donor receives a number of benefits. His input has more weight in the feature development of the software, and I visit his blog more frequently and pay closer attention to his training. More benefits to come in the future.

In addition to donations, you can help the Fast Running Blog Fund in two other ways:

Spread The Word

The advertising revenue is largely a function of the number of unique visitors to the site. The more you tell your friends about the Fast Running Blog, the better. You can include your blog address in your e-mail signature, invite your running partners to participate in the blog, or even make a few Fast Running Blog flyers and pass them out at a race. Currently the advertising revenue makes a couple of dollars a day. However, it does make a quality leap once you reach enough volume of traffic to be accepted into a big advertising network. I estimate if we increased our volume of traffic from the current of 30-40K impressions a month to 1 million a month we would have enough money to start scholarships.

Shop At Amazon

If you need to buy anything at Amazon, get there through the Fast Running Blog. Amazon has a number of deals on great running books and gadgets.

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