Go, you chicken fat, go away! 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What if I tripped?&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t handle the humiliation.&nbsp; So heading north my next decision was whether to turn east or west when I got to Brown.&nbsp; I could go east to Higley, south to Adobe, and back home.&nbsp; That should be just over two miles.&nbsp; But I don&#39;t like running on the main roads anymore.&nbsp; I could go west, but the RWCD road is probably muddy.&nbsp; Sometimes it&#39;s slick when it&#39;s muddy.&nbsp; But I did want to see the Floodway and how much water was in it.&nbsp; So west it was.&nbsp; I ran over to the east side of the Canal which is the west side of the Floodway.&nbsp; It wasn&#39;t bad as far as mud goes.&nbsp; But now what?&nbsp; How do I get back home.&nbsp; My initial thought was to cut through the Floodway at the green belt like I did last week, but there was at least a foot of standing water in the Floodway.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t want to go through the construction zone at Adobe and face my arch nemesis the large pipe.&nbsp; So I had no choice but to run all the way to University, come back up the east side of the Floodway, and cut through the green belt into the neighborhood.&nbsp;</p> <p>Once I committed to that I remembered the dream I had last night.&nbsp; I dreamt about Jeff, the hobo.&nbsp; For some reason I had to get somewhere and the only way to get there was by crawling through a thicket and that&#39;s where Jeff lived.&nbsp; I saw Jeff get up and leave, so I figured it was safe to go through, but as I was crawling through, I could see the shadow of another hobo under the brush.&nbsp; I asked if it was all right that I pass by.&nbsp; It was a weird and unrealistic dream, but still, it just felt weird that I might see Jeff after having dreamt about him.&nbsp; When I got to University it started raining.&nbsp; So, indeed it was not about to clear up.&nbsp; It looked like Jeff was bundled up in his sleeping bag.&nbsp; There was a palo verde tree near him that had been blown over.&nbsp; Or struck by lightning?&nbsp; Probably not.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t see any burn marks, but I did take a picture.</p> <p>It rained on me all the way home.&nbsp; It was nice.&nbsp; When I got home I was soaked, but I decided to get even more wet.&nbsp; We&#39;re having our pool redone.&nbsp; Yesterday, I think, the pool company came and put in the pebble tec.&nbsp; Now the pool had about 8-inches of rainwater in it.&nbsp; I wanted to be the first one to swim in the refurbished pool.&nbsp; So I went down the steps and laid down in the water.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t swim.</p> <p>To give closure to my previous blog entry, I ended up beating Tracy in that game.&nbsp; She had some high scoring letters on her rack when I placed all my letters on the board.&nbsp; The value of those letters get subtracted from her score and added to mine.&nbsp; So it was like a 40 point swing and I ended up beating her by a couple of points.&nbsp; Poor thing.&nbsp; LOL.&nbsp; Love you, Tracy.</p> Fri, 23 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Wed, Jul 21, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-21-2021.html <p>I woke up at 4am and started running at 5am.&nbsp; Since it was so early, the construction crew hadn&#39;t arrived yet, and I decided to do 2 loops.&nbsp; I&#39;ve been playing Scrabble with Tracy and I know that I have an 8 letter word I can play (there are little hints you can use), but I haven&#39;t been able to figure it out.&nbsp; There is a word strength meter that you can purchase.&nbsp; There are 10 bars on the meter.&nbsp; If you don&#39;t purchase it, it only shows your 4 of the bars.&nbsp; So, for example, if with your letters the best move on the board is a 40 point point word, and you place a word that is 20 points on the board, the meter will go up to 5.&nbsp; But if you haven&#39;t purchased it, you&#39;ll only see it go up to 4, so you don&#39;t really know if 20 points is the best word, or if there&#39;s a real high scoring bingo.&nbsp; If you use all 7 letters on your rack, you get a bingo, which is a 50 point bonus.&nbsp; So my trick is to put a word on the board somewhere that is worth 7 points.&nbsp; If the word strength meter only goes up to one, I know there is a word on the board that is approximately 10 times higher than 7, which is more than likely a bingo.&nbsp; There&#39;s another hint you can use if you have enough coins (diamonds actually) saved up.&nbsp; This hint highlights every available tile on the board where you can put one of your letters to form a word.&nbsp; So, I knew I had a bingo somewhere and I used the &quot;binoculars&quot; hint.&nbsp; Since it was so late in the game, I could tell that the only place a bingo would fit was either on an L or an A.&nbsp; Since I only had two vowels on my rack, I figured it was probably the A.&nbsp; Scrabble is 70% math, 20% vocabulary, and 10% another word that I can&#39;t think of at the moment.&nbsp; I usually win, but Tracy has beaten me more times that I&#39;d like to admit.&nbsp; I&#39;m too competitive.&nbsp; The letters were N U C L E R S and probably A.&nbsp; So nuclear is a word, but not nuclears.&nbsp; Unclear is a word, but not unclears.&nbsp; As I was running I kept shuffling around the letters in my head.&nbsp;</p> <p>When I got to Brown I saw doberman lady again.&nbsp; I was able to get through the fence before she did.&nbsp; When I got half way between Brown and Adobe I thought of a couple of words I would like to try; secularn and reclanus.&nbsp; Reclanus.&nbsp; That&#39;s a good one.&nbsp; I stopped and opened the Scrabble app.&nbsp; But it was taking too long to load and I was afraid doberman lady and her dobermans would catch up to me.&nbsp; So I exited out and continued running.&nbsp; There were a lot of dog walkers out this early.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t want to stop while I saw someone with a dog.&nbsp; It wasn&#39;t until I was heading north again north of University that I finally stopped to try my words.&nbsp; Neither of them worked.</p> <p>Well, that was yesterday.&nbsp; Today I finally gave up and hoped that I would get some better letters to make an obvious bingo.&nbsp; Tracy has a slight lead that I won&#39;t be able to catch her unless I get a bingo.&nbsp; But, as I said, it was late in the game, and I didn&#39;t realize there weren&#39;t any more letters left.&nbsp; So she&#39;s going to win.&nbsp; Anyway, the word was LUCRANES.&nbsp; Now I will go crawl up in the fetal position and cry for a while.</p> Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Mon, Jul 19, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-19-2021.html <p>The construction crew had already trenched through the intersection and patched it all up.&nbsp; But now they had it barricaded again.&nbsp; When I got there I saw that they were about to dig it up again.&nbsp; I wonder what that&#39;s all about.&nbsp; I ran over to the Floodway and headed north.&nbsp; I decided to not do my normal 1 loop because I didn&#39;t want to have to deal with the construction, just in case.&nbsp; So when I got to Brown, I turned east.&nbsp; I ran to 48th St and headed back south.&nbsp; Then, instead of going through the intersection, I ran around the block.&nbsp; But before I did that I saw Sis. Sutherlin.&nbsp; We waved at each other.&nbsp; Sadly, they haven&#39;t been to church in at least a year.&nbsp; I really enjoyed hearing their testimonies when they started coming back.&nbsp; Anyway, I ran around and saw Br. Cox working in his yard.&nbsp; I said, &quot;Hi, John!&quot;&nbsp; I might have surprised him a bit.&nbsp; Then I saw Sis. Sutherlin again as she was driving by and she waved again.</p> Mon, 19 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Thu, Jul 15, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-15-2021.html <p>I woke up at 3:30am.&nbsp; I took the dog outside even though he doesn&#39;t like to go out that early.&nbsp; He hesitated, but he went out.&nbsp; I tried to go back to sleep but was unsuccessful.&nbsp; About 4:30am I heard it start to rain.&nbsp; By 5am it had cleared up, so I put my running clothes on.&nbsp; I did one loop.&nbsp; I was following a lady, but I couldn&#39;t keep up.&nbsp; She continued north when she got to Brown, and I went to the other side of the Floodway.&nbsp; I saw two more women running north on the other side of the Floodway.&nbsp; Then when I was almost back to Adobe I saw a group of 5 or 6 guys on the other side of the Floodway.&nbsp; They were walking, but then they started running.&nbsp; So that&#39;s 8 or 9 runners I saw this morning.&nbsp; Much more than normal.&nbsp; Everyone must be training for something.</p> Thu, 15 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Mon, Jul 12, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-12-2021.html <p>I woke up at 4:30am.&nbsp; I took the dog outside to go potty.&nbsp; Then I got ready to go running.&nbsp; It was 5:10am when I started.&nbsp; It was mostly old ladies out.&nbsp; The construction workers weren&#39;t there yet, so I decided to run my normal Floodway/RWCD route.&nbsp; I was dragging this morning, but at least I wasn&#39;t wheezing.&nbsp; I was coming up on Brown when I saw a large branch covering the entire Floodway path.&nbsp; It had fallen out of the tree.&nbsp; We&#39;ve gotten some crazy wind storms the last few nights.&nbsp; My next door neighbors are on vacation for a month.&nbsp; I have been checking on their chickens every day.&nbsp; Two days ago I noticed that their neighbors behind them have a tree and a saguaro cactus that blew over into their yard.&nbsp; But I digress.&nbsp; So, I took a picture of the tree branch and I also saw an old lady on her bicycle.&nbsp; She got to the gate just after I did, so she waited until I came through.&nbsp; We had a small conversation about the branch.&nbsp; I told her she&#39;d just have to go around it.&nbsp; I guess I wasn&#39;t just dragging physically but mentally, also.&nbsp; I ran to the other side of the Floodway and I saw her get off her bike and drag the branch off the trail.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t even think to do that.&nbsp; I felt lame.</p> <p>While this was going on there was another old lady walking her three dogs.&nbsp; She was on the other side of the Floodway and I was slowly catching her.&nbsp; By the time I crossed the Floodway, she had crossed the RWCD Canal.&nbsp; So now we were closer still heading in the same direction but separated by the Canal.&nbsp; I could tell that the dog she had on her leash was a Doberman.&nbsp; But where were the other dogs?&nbsp; Surely she&#39;s not going to let two more Dobermans run wild.&nbsp; Maybe they weren&#39;t Dobermans.&nbsp; Then I saw their heads pop up from the drainage swale between the Canal road and the subdivision wall.&nbsp; Sure enough, they were Dobermans.&nbsp; And they weren&#39;t leashed.&nbsp; She must have faith that they would behave themselves.&nbsp; But they did bark at me.&nbsp; And then I saw Gary Prahl&#39;s wife walking toward them.&nbsp; It was the second time I&#39;d seen her this morning so I waved again.&nbsp; I hoped she wouldn&#39;t get attacked, and I don&#39;t think she did unless they went straight for the throat.</p> <p>When I got to Adobe I decided I didn&#39;t want to do another full loop.&nbsp; So I would cross the Floodway at the green belt again.&nbsp; I figured that would get me real close to 2 miles.&nbsp; Then I could run loops around the cul-de-sac until I got to exactly 2 miles.&nbsp; But when I pulled my phone out of my pocket just as I reached the cul-de-sac, I was pleasantly surprised that my Strava read 2.10 miles.</p> Mon, 12 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Thu, Jul 08, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-08-2021.html <p>Three days in a row!&nbsp; But I was feeling terrible today, so I&#39;m going to take a day off tomorrow.&nbsp; It was so hot!&nbsp; My legs were sore, and I was wheezing for most of the run.&nbsp; I took a different route today.&nbsp; I went the way I usually walk Herbie, but in reverse.&nbsp; So, through the neighborhood, to the green belt, and over to the Floodway.&nbsp; But then I turned and went south down to University.&nbsp; I ran across the Floodway and over the RWCD Canal.&nbsp; Then I ran north until I reached the green belt, cut through the Floodway, and back through the neighborhood to home.</p> Thu, 08 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Wed, Jul 07, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-07-2021.html <p>I just realized I haven&#39;t blogged for two days.&nbsp; Anyway, I ran the same route as I did yesterday.&nbsp; I was a tiny bit faster.&nbsp; Also, I saw a coyote for the first time in forever.&nbsp; I stopped and took about 3 pictures and one video.&nbsp; There were two quail right by it, so I&#39;m sure I ruined his chance at breakfast.</p> <p>The only thing different about this run was that I went through the fence at a different spot.&nbsp; There&#39;s an opening in the fence right next to the neighborhood wall.&nbsp; Yesterday I barely squeezed through with my fat tummy.&nbsp; So I went to the other opening today.&nbsp; It&#39;s probably about 6 feet wide, but there are two bollards making about 3 2-foot openings.&nbsp; Luckily I&#39;m not that fat.</p> Wed, 07 Jul 2021 06:00:00 Tue, Jul 06, 2021 http://Burt-McCumber.fastrunningblog.com/blog-07-06-2021.html <p>Last week my leg was feeling better.&nbsp; I told Sarah that I wanted to test it out.&nbsp; I did test it out by taking Herbie on a long walk.&nbsp; I got just over a mile into the walk, when the top of my right foot started to hurt real bad.&nbsp; I almost had to stop and call my wife to have her come pick me up.&nbsp; I actually did text her, and she didn&#39;t reply, so I slowly walked the rest of the way home.&nbsp; When I got ready to take my shower, after I&#39;d been sitting down for a while, my foot hurt so bad I could hardly walk on it.&nbsp; I ended up hopping into my office and resting some more until it felt good enough to make the climb upstairs to the shower.</p> <p>I wasn&#39;t sure if it was a stress fracture or just soreness due to inactivity.&nbsp; But it was feeling better so I decided to try and run on it this morning.&nbsp; I went real slow.&nbsp; I wanted to go over to the Floodway and turn south instead of north like I usually do.&nbsp; But for the last two weeks they&#39;ve been doing construction work at the stop sign at 48th and Adobe.&nbsp; They&#39;re replacing a sewer line.&nbsp; When I got to the stop sign it just looked like there were too many work trucks around, so I continued straight.&nbsp; I basically took the same route I walked Herbie in, only in reverse.&nbsp;</p> <p>Everything felt ok.&nbsp; I did stop twice to stretch out my calves and catch my breath.&nbsp; I was wheezing for the first half mile.&nbsp; But all in all, it was a successful run.</p> Tue, 06 Jul 2021 06:00:00