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Author Topic: HM training  (Read 6809 times)
Penny Abdiel

Posts: 8

« on: April 21, 2015, 02:00:16 am »

Hey everyone!

After a year riddled with injuries in 2014, I have set my sights on Gold Coast Half Marathon, at the beginning of July. I would like to finally go sub90 mins; I ran a 1:30 at Philly Half in November 2013, and have maintained fairly consistent cross training when injured. It may still be a stretch though.

I have 10 weeks between now and then, and I have safely built up to ~45 miles (very slow running, and very gradual build up!) I would like to build up to ~50mpw in advance of the race.  I typically get injured when I hit those distances and add speed work/tempo running too soon.

My questions are: (1) Do I concentrate now on getting my mileage up to >50pmw or do I start adding some tempo (ie HM-paced) workouts before I get up to that; (2) of the former, how long should I run that sort of mileage before it is "safe" to add some workouts?

I think I know Sasha's response will be to increase miles before adding any workouts Smiley But there are two reasons I'd rather add some workouts. First, I have had really good improvements in fitness by doing lactate threshold-ish running even just once a week. Second, I have a busy job and don't really have time to go much beyond 50mpw. Finally, it seems like that could be enough of an aerobic base for a half marathon distance (as opposed to the marathon).

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts!
Sasha Pachev
Cyber Boltun
Posts: 1546

« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2015, 07:49:13 pm »

If you cannot do more than 50 mpw time-wise, your only choice is to increase the speed of your runs somehow. The challenge with that is that the chances of injury and overtraining increase a lot - you have to be very careful. Another alternative is to change jobs. For any "awesome" job there is always a better one if you look around.
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