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Title: Breathing rhythms
Post by: Martin on September 17, 2018, 02:11:27 pm
I've always controlled my training intensities by breathing rhythms. According to german coach Herbert Steffny, my training intensities/ breating rhythms correlate like follows:

4-4 rhythm = jogging, easy runs, moderate runs, even marathon pace runs

3-3 rhythm = shorter tempo runs (threshold-pace), half-marathon races, first third of a 10k-race

2-2 rhythm = interval runs, 5-10k races

Today I once again read Daniels' Running Forumula. About breathing rhythms, he says: "When you're not breathing particularly hard, you might use slower breathing rhythms, such as a 3-3 rhythm, which is often used during easy runs but which becomes stressful at threshold-pace or faster. A 4-4 rhythm can also be used but isn't recommended because the depth of breathing consumes energy and the slowness of this rate often does a poor job of clearing CO2 fast enough from the lungs."

This made me think if I'm doing something wrong. Don't get me wrong: I am able to run the right paces for each intensity. But is it possible to run more effective by just using a faster breathing rhythm? During the last few marathon-pace runs for example, I was able to run that pace by using 4-4 rhythms, but I was more comfortable using 3-3. In the past, I just used 4-4 because I didn't want to turn that run into a threshold-run.

I would also like to know how you are using breathing rhythms for different intensities.


Title: Re: Breathing rhythms
Post by: Donald Davis on August 12, 2019, 10:37:19 am
I just decided to look at the forum after a year and saw this. I really like the 3 in - 2 out rhythm for most training. When I start to work harder, like lactate threshold and above, I switch to 2-2. I will sometimes do 2-2 in marathon pace training as well. Try both during a run and do whichever is most comfortable for you. At least, that's what I do.

Title: Re: Breathing rhythms
Post by: Martin on August 30, 2019, 12:19:46 am
Hey Donald,

I know itīs a very individual thing. My intention was to get some information from other runners about the depth and speed of breathing and how it affects running. As you see, we use very different approaches when it comes to breathing.

If we donīt "see" each other before sunday: Good luck for your marathon! You definitly deserve to run your sub3!