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Title: Problem with long runs > 2 hrs
Post by: Martin on May 20, 2018, 09:47:49 am
Hello everyone,

being a member of this great community since the beginning of the year I took good advice and started running consistently (except a 3 week break because of influenza in March). I structure my training by time rather than by miles. So the last few weeks I ran 4 x 60 min., 2 x 90 min (~45 miles), everything felt great. Last week I added 30min. to my long run so that my training week is now: 60/60/90/rest/60/60/120.

Today was the 2nd long run >2 hours and like last week, Iīm feeling wiped out after. My legs are sore, Iīm tired with some kind of headache. Since I felt the same last week, this time I even paid more attention: I slept enough (7-8 hrs every night), I was well hydrated (took water before and during the run), the course was the same I am training daily (hilly, but managable), pace is even slower than in my easy runs during the week.

Is there such a big difference between 90 and 120 min? Short info: a few years ago I ran 4 marathons and did a lot of long runs. Only difference is that I didnīt run as many miles as I am doing now.

So I donīt know what to do about it: cutting back to what worked or going through this stadium?

Also I think I am at a peak regarding to the weekly training time (7.5 to 8 hours) which builds a good balance between family, training and work. If the question to the previous is to go though: is it possible to run sub 3 next year if I train consistently in that time range? My easy running pace is very slow, so I think what is 50 miles right now can get to 60 while my body is adapting training. So should I just be patient or do I have to run more?

All the best from Germany,


Title: Re: Problem with long runs > 2 hrs
Post by: Jon Allen on July 18, 2018, 08:23:16 am
I'm guessing you were wiped out a bit- adding 30 min at once to your long run is a big jump. I'd recommend 1-2 mile increases only.

I can't predict if you can break 3 hour marathon with your training, but if 8 hr training time per week is all you have, then you'll get the best result your able, so you can just be satisfied with that.

One thing that may help is adding some Big Workouts once you have your base. Search BW at the top of this page and you'll see lots of examples. Big Workouts really helped a lot of FRB-ers improve their marathon times.

Title: Re: Problem with long runs > 2 hrs
Post by: Martin on July 22, 2018, 04:16:53 pm
thanks for you answer!

It's a few weeks later and things changed: I had an overstressed knee which I am recovering from still. So I'm even happy with consistent running.

I heard about BW and will try to carefully bring them into my training. But they won't be as hard as suggested. I will need more patience.