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Title: Ankle Pain
Post by: Jon Schap on March 13, 2015, 11:59:01 am
I have been having some ankle pain over the last 3 weeks or so that I been preventing everyday training.  Today I tried running after 6 days off and had to stop after 4 miles (9:00 pace).  The pain is located on the outside of my ankle just below the shin.  There is some swelling but no bruising.  I believe the pain is isolated where the superior extensor retinaculum is located (from anatomy diagrams i have looked at).  Post run, most of the pain is felt when lifting my foot straight up.  I am seeing a sports medicine doctor on Wednesday to see how bad it is.

I believe this is an overuse injury as I rapidly ramped up my mileage prepping for Boston coming off very low mileage last year.  All (100%) of my training since January has been on a treadmill.

Wondering if anyone has had similar pain in the past and what they did to cure it and how long they were out of training.  Boston is about 5 weeks away and qualifying was quite a challenge for me.  I'm tyring not to gett too far ahead of myself here, but not sure how many oportunities I will get to run it in the future so don't really see not running Boston this year as an option.