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Title: Sasha's son is amazing!
Post by: Hyrum on February 19, 2015, 09:16:39 pm
If you don't know it yet, but Sasha has a large clan of fast runners.  All of his kids run far faster than most adults.  They are all high achievers in many regards.  I had the pleasure of working with his oldest son Benjamin on a project a couple years ago.  Benjamin is a genius.  He got into BYU as a young teen, and at 13 or 14 years old he was able to code an online race registration ( platform.  That may sound basic, but believe me it is far more complicated than it sounds.  Sasha has very specific ideas on how to run, on how to raise children, and probably most things in life.  Though he often thinks there is a very specific way everything should be done, he is often proven right with the results.  I am amazed at the running ability, and the intelligence level of his children.  He works hard with each of them, but he also expects them to figure things out.  He doesn't do the work for his kids.  He guides them.  Sort of the "teach a man how to fish" ideology.  I personally have had the pleasure of running with Sasha a few times, and he has taught me many things from those opportunities I have had with him.  I suppose my point in this post is that even if some of Sasha's recommendations don't sound like something you want to do you might want to just look at the results he produces with his strategies.

Title: Re: Sasha's son is amazing!
Post by: MarkP_ on July 21, 2015, 12:52:09 pm
7/18/2015: Draper Days 5K family average of 9:  20:50!

Here's info from Sasha's blog:

We made our family goal of sub-21:00 average. Benjamin (16) 15:58, me (42) 17:22, Joseph (10) 19:48 (first time under 20:00!), Jacob (8) 20:07 (huge PR), Jenny (14) 22:14 (new PR), Julia (12) 23:04, William (6) 23:15 (quite a surprise), and Sarah 24:58. This gives us the average of 20:50.75 or 6:42.56 per mile! This was quite a miracle - nobody had a bummer raceand there were several breakthroughs. If you ever tried to have zero bummers on one day in a group of eight of our demographic you would know what I am talking about - somebody will get sick, somebody will get injured, somebody would have a mental breakdown.