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Title: Uneventful Provo River Pioneer Day Half Marathon
Post by: Sasha Pachev on July 18, 2014, 06:48:50 am
My son Benjamin and I are going to keep it simple on the 24th of July this year (2014) and do our own "uneventful" half-marathon on the Provo River Half course. I will go all out, he will pace me. I am hoping to run around 1:16-1:17. Anybody is welcome to join us for the ride to the start whether you can/want to run with us, want to run slower or faster, or even if you want to run a different distance on a modified course that starts somewhere near South Fork. There is no charge for the ride, and if you are lucky you might get refreshments and even breakfast at our house afterwards.

Our van will leave at 6:30 am from our house at 395 S Palisade Dr in Orem, Utah. Text to 801-372-0470 to RSVP or if you have questions.