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Title: Redo "Bad" Tempo Run or Press on?
Post by: Kelley on September 14, 2011, 06:47:14 pm
Newbie, here.  So glad to have found the log/site and this blog.  I could use a little help...

Okay, today's run really stunk.  Missed Tempo pace by ~2 min/mile...had to walk almost the whole second half (of total 5mi).  Lungs and overall energy felt fine, but the legs just didn't want to go--they were still sore from a 2-miler on Mon after Sunday's long run (7.4mi)--that's never happened in my training before.  There are a lot of things that probably contributed to the perfect "bad run storm" like:

1) a long run on Sunday

2) a short easy run on Monday.  this was the first time i tried an easy run on day immediately after long run.  I felt fine during the run and the rest of the day.   Tues i was surprisingly sore in my calves, feet, hips and shoulders.  (comments on this?)

3) lack of enough sleep since at least Sunday

4) a couple of beers Tues night, leading to

5) underhydration, though i tried to "water up" this morning

6) probably not enough nutrition in the morning

7) heat in mid-80s with high humidity

So, i feel confident i understand the error of my ways.  And I still have a few of questions. 

First, since this was a tempo run, do i do it over another day or skip it?  What about the rest of the week?  Schedule:
- Thurs, 2 mi easy (im not so sure it's the right idea...i'm feeling VERY stiff and tired)
- Fri, rest or x-train
- Sat, long run, 7 mi (this will be the third one at this distance)
- Sun, rest

And second, how much should i eat in the morning before a tempo run?  i have a tendency to get nauseous if i have too much fat or protein, so i always err on the side of fewer calories (plus my demanding job makes it difficult to eat--even at my desk sometimes).

Thanks in advance, Sasha, et al!

Title: Re: Redo "Bad" Tempo Run or Press on?
Post by: Jon Allen on September 14, 2011, 06:54:41 pm
Looks like a lot of items to consider.  Short answer, though, is don't try to make up workouts.  It's not uncommon to feel bad and bail- I probably do that on 1/3 of my hard workouts when I'm really training.  Just make sure you fix everything you listed, and make sure your workout isn't more than your body can handle.  For example, if you're training for a goal race at XX pace in 4 months, it doesn't mean your workout should be at XX pace today- you probably aren't in that good of racing shape, have to build up.

Title: Re: Redo "Bad" Tempo Run or Press on?
Post by: Kelley on September 15, 2011, 08:19:08 am
Thanks, Jon.  That helps me know what to do today, though i'm still feeling stiff.