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Title: Wadsworth Construction
Post by: Sasha Pachev on March 15, 2010, 04:58:31 pm
It is rare that we as runners have something good to say about a construction company. But I would like to bring it to public attention that there is a construction company in Utah that cares about runners. During the construction of a bridge across the Provo River next to I-15 overpass Wadsworth Construction built a temporary detour trail about 0.15 miles long for no other purpose than to allow runners to continue to use the Provo River Trail. They also made sure to build the detour before they ripped up the old trail. They could have easily said: "Sorry, the trail is under construction" and not incurred that extra cost, and in all honesty most of the population of Provo would have been just fine. I appreciate the respect they had for the runners.

Their other contribution to our running community is the Minuteman 5 K.

Their website is