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Author Topic: Breathing rhythms  (Read 495 times)

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« on: September 17, 2018, 02:11:27 pm »

I've always controlled my training intensities by breathing rhythms. According to german coach Herbert Steffny, my training intensities/ breating rhythms correlate like follows:

4-4 rhythm = jogging, easy runs, moderate runs, even marathon pace runs

3-3 rhythm = shorter tempo runs (threshold-pace), half-marathon races, first third of a 10k-race

2-2 rhythm = interval runs, 5-10k races

Today I once again read Daniels' Running Forumula. About breathing rhythms, he says: "When you're not breathing particularly hard, you might use slower breathing rhythms, such as a 3-3 rhythm, which is often used during easy runs but which becomes stressful at threshold-pace or faster. A 4-4 rhythm can also be used but isn't recommended because the depth of breathing consumes energy and the slowness of this rate often does a poor job of clearing CO2 fast enough from the lungs."

This made me think if I'm doing something wrong. Don't get me wrong: I am able to run the right paces for each intensity. But is it possible to run more effective by just using a faster breathing rhythm? During the last few marathon-pace runs for example, I was able to run that pace by using 4-4 rhythms, but I was more comfortable using 3-3. In the past, I just used 4-4 because I didn't want to turn that run into a threshold-run.

I would also like to know how you are using breathing rhythms for different intensities.


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